Youth & Students International Experience Agency

Youth & Students International Experience Agency is in the international recruitment business since 2006. We are recognized and licensed recruitment agency and are well known in Belarus, and other neighboring countries.

We recruit candidates of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to provide all possible work and study options for our numerous applicants looking for opportunities abroad.

Our Agency started 12 years ago as a provider of  traineeships and work placements in agriculture and food production. With the help of our partners abroad, today a lot of young people from Belarus are working abroad on different farms and plants. Belarus is a rural country with deeply-rooted traditions in agriculture. Our Agency specialized mostly in agriculture/farming placements, and recruit graduates of all major agricultural Universities and Colleges in Belarus. All young people that we select are very flexible and open, have local and international experience, and have good level of spoken English.

Our Agency holds an International Recruitment Licence issued by the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Belarus. The Agency is fully licensed, insured, and has a good record in all government institutions, public Universities, and perfect references from all our international partners.

You are welcome to contact us with your partnership ideas and cooperation proposals any time:

Tel: + 375292445500

e-mail:  info@cv.by


Address/Mail:   6 Sovetskaya street, office 12, Grodno,  230025, Belarus

15/2 Avtodorovski per.,  office 215/1 -31, Minsk, 220014, Belarus